Born in 1994, Leon Straschewski was raised in his hometown Berlin. His passion for photography started at the age of fifteen when he received his first camera. After finishing high school, he spent almost a year abroad, travelling through Asia and Australia.
In 2015 he began to study photo design at the Lette Verein in Berlin which he successfully graduated in 2018. He started out photographing architecture and landscapes, but later on expanded his field of interest into automotive and still life photography. Furthermore, he began to occupy himself with acquiring the basics of CGI.

Leon was always interested in the work of the old masters of still life photography like Hans Hansen, Fischli/Weiss and Irving Penn but also photographers like Joel Sternfield, Jeff Wall and William Eggleston.
During his studies and after aquiring a Hasselblad camera, Leon started diving into the world of analog photography. This climaxed in him finding his passion for the analog 4x5inch Sinar camera which he borrowed from his university. He utilized it for multiple projects in the field of architecture, landscape and still life.
This also applied for his final project at Lette Verein where Leon travelled through Poland and captured the scenery of rural suburbs to show its calming and yet exciting effects.
After his studies Leon went to spain to broaden his horizont by doing multiple internships and expanding his knowledge about photography.

mobil: +49 151 23 08 30 37

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